Our Gemology

Brilliant Inc has over 10 years experience in Ethical Brilliant Gems that offer beauty, brilliance and excellent value.   Our sparkling diamond white brilliant gems are internally flawless and are set in top quality Sterling Silver, 9k, 14k and 18k solid gold settings expertly crafted by master jeweller craftsmen.

All Brilliant gems have a zirconium mineral based are the finest simulated diamonds in the world categorised using the 4C’s - Cut, Colour, Clarity & Carat.


To reflect and refract light most effectively, our gems must be CUT to the correct proportions and polished so that each facet is precisely placed. The cut, or make of your gemstone determines the level of sparkle, brilliance, and fire visible in your gem.  Here at Brilliant Inc, we insist on excellent quality of cut so our stones truly sparkle.  We ensure our stones are among the most sparkling diamond white gems in the world. We strive for maximum brilliance and beauty in every one of our Gemstones.  Our fine simulant diamonds normally exceed G1A accepted “ideal” cutting tolerances. 


The Finest Simulated Diamonds value is also determined by subtle colour differences, as with traditional diamonds, barely discernible to the eye. The best and rarest gems appear colourless ( white) or near colourless and are graded D to I with D and E being extremely rare. When comparing on the G1A accepted diamond colour scale Brilliant Inc diamond simulants are the equivalent to D or E colour.



The clarity rating of Fine Simulated Diamonds is a key measure of its overall quality. Almost every gemstone is marked with what are called “inclusions”. The beauty and value of a gemstone is affected by obvious inclusions, as they affect the passage of light through the stone.  We only select gemstones that have no inclusions or ones that have inclusions so minute they are barely discernible, even under magnification.



The term carat refers to a measurement of weight as opposed to size of the stone. At Brilliant Inc, we supply all carat weights enabling you to buy the best quality and size for your taste and budget.

Brilliant Inc is design led and quality focused. All pieces are set by hand by master jeweller craftsmen bringing to life our most beautiful designs. Given our commitment to quality and value for money we believe Brilliant Inc non mined diamond jewellery is the best in the marketplace. Our simulated stones are carefully chosen and set in solid gold and sterling silver settings.