Sister act Emma Canning and Dervla Cogan founded Brilliant ten years ago with the ambition to create beautiful, accessible fine jewellery that could fulfill the dreams of diamond lovers everywhere.     

The pair wanted their jewellery to have all the glamour and enjoyment of diamonds, matched with an ethical production process and prices that would give every woman the freedom to build their own individual collections and celebrate how Brilliant they really are!

In 2005, the sisters discovered diamond simulants, also known as non-mined diamonds. Made in a laboratory under conditions that match the natural volcanic process, these stones, with their flawless cut, clarity, and colour have all the sparkle of a traditional diamond.  In fact, only professional gemmologists with specialist equipment can tell the difference between these Brilliant stones their naturally mined counterparts.

The sisters opened their gorgeous boutique just off the King's Road six years ago. It has earned the reputation as a gem in Chelsea's famous shopping district and as a go-to for women wanting to indulge in diamonds without breaking the bank. Many ladies visit to purchase that show-stopping statement piece to complete their collection or for elegant everyday jewellery that doesn't require the hassle of insurance and allows them to look glamorous and stylish at home or to glitter on foreign shores when travelling.

Brilliant is committed to delivering the most stunning jewellery and creates each piece to the high standard demanded by these flawless diamonds. The Brilliant collections draw influences from classic designs and the latest trends, so from those looking for that elegant and sophisticated finish to the contemporary with their finger on the pulse of the fashion industry, there are pieces to suit every taste.

Hand-set by master craftsmen using solid gold or silver and finished to the highest quality, Brilliant jewellery is truly beautiful and made using only the very best materials and workmanship.

The collections are perfect for savvy shoppers who want to experience the luxury of diamonds and for those who want the freedom to enjoy mixing their traditional diamond collections with bigger and bolder designs.

At Brilliant, Emma and Dervla pride themselves on giving a welcoming and enjoyable shopping experience whether purchases are made online or in the boutique. The team at Brilliant are happy to advise on the latest looks and trends and always encourage those who want to play and try everything on.

It's a fun day out, so visit the store or join the Brilliant newsletter.  Discover when their boutique shopping events are happening and when their most fabulous offers are running.

Be Brilliant xx !