Our Brilliant Story

Mia Brilliant Cushion Ring

Brilliant fine jewellery is flawless and mixes beautifully with traditional diamonds. Ethically created and environmentally sound our customers enjoy the best of both worlds.

Perfect for travel without the worry of losing an heirloom. Handset in sterling silver and finished in gold and platinum.

Brilliant was founded in Chelsea in 2008 with an ambition to create beautiful, ethical fine jewellery that could fulfil the dreams of diamond lovers everywhere. We create jewellery with all the glamour of diamonds matched with a warm feel good element as we tread lightly on the Earth’s resources.

"Brilliant’s simulated diamonds are of unsurpassed quality, ethical and perfect for when your diamonds are safer locked away" Tatler

Brilliant is a proven gem. As an independent retailer in a highly competitive luxury environment we have established a loyal customer base. Attention to detail and commitment to excellence has proved a winning formula.

Our discretion is appreciated by our private clients in the public eye and our loyalty is guaranteed. 

Our team are cheerful, engaging and knowledgeable. We choose to work with manmade gemstones both environmentally and ethically sound and appreciate all beautiful fine jewellery designs.

Our quality fine jewellery is the opposite to fast fashion and our customers are diamond aficionados who mix and match happily with their heirlooms. All are delighted to wear Brilliant while travelling without a jewellery care in the world.

This “joie de vivre” is something we instilled in our boutique brand since 2008 and we’re happy we got this right from the very beginning.

Be Brilliant xx